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Located in the heart of Southeast Alaska, South Passage Outfitters is the ideal spot for the best fishing and sea kayaking in the world.

Peggy McDonald and Dennis Montgomery met in San Francisco in 1984. Since then, they have spent every summer in Alaska. Dennis has commercial fished out of Elfin Cove since 1978 and in 1996 they opened the business in Gull Cove. Their three daughters grew up driving skiffs, fishing, camping and are a great resource for finding out where to maximize your fun and adventure. These days, Peggy and Dennis and their daughter, Alice, are the primary hosts of Gull Cove. Annie, their oldest  daughter is a practicing lawyer and lives in Oregon with her husband and their beautiful baby boy. Rosie is a nurse and she and her long-term boyfriend live in Washington state. Annie and Rosie visit Gull Cove every season to enjoy time with family and help with projects around camp. It is truly a team effort to manage such a remote resort but their passion for sharing the beauty of Icy Strait inspires consistent improvements to make the experience even more unique and enjoyable for guests. The family has always been concerned with maintaining a healthy environment by striving for sustainability. They work to carry out this goal by using small engines, growing their own food, and collecting solar energy. Their newest project will be starting this spring where they will be installing a hydro power system with the hope of utilizing a renewable energy source. 

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